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What's In My Diaper Bag with Fawn Design

Being a new momma is so exciting but that first outing with your little one can be nerve racking! Having a diaper bag packed and ready to go with everything you need will put your mind at ease. I loaded up my bag even before Joey was born!

I wanted my diaper bag to be super functional, but also great quality and cute enough want to always take out with me. I absolutely LOVE my Fawn Design bag. Pictured is the mini version which is perfect for quick trips, running errands during the day or going out to eat. I also have the full size bag as well that could be for an overnight stay or longer trips.

Fawn Design just launched their new Wildflower collection with four new colors. I have the Dusty Rose and think it is the perfect color for any season!

Here is a direct link to all of their bags! I also listed the full size and the mini bag here!

Also, here is a peek at what is inside my Fawn Design mini diaper bag!

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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