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Your Guide to the Perfect Nashville Bachelorette Weekend

Nashville. The perfect spot for any bride to celebrate with her girls before the big day! I am the MOH for my cousin, Nicole this November and when talking about locations, Nashville was at the top of her list. We spent two full days (which was plenty) and I am going to share our itinerary and recommendations here!

Creating a cute little itinerary for your weekend is such a nice detail that doesn't require much effort! I got this one off Etsy and added the details of our weekend. We left a few "surprises" on there too to get the bride excited! ...and if you didn't already know our theme was Nicole's Last Disco :)

Themes: If you want ideas for themed nights we did Denim and Fringe on Friday and Pink and Sparkly on Saturday. We didn't do matching shirts but I did get an accessory for us to wear each day!

We didn't go crazy with decorations, but here is a little round up of decor + accessories that went with our theme!

Everything linked here :)

Where to stay: We stayed at an awesome Airbnb about 5 minutes away from downtown. We were a group of 8 girls and all slept comfortably! I think this place sleeps 12 because we had a few extra beds too! Here is the link to our airbnb if you guys are interested in booking!

Where to eat: I got so many good recommendations for places to eat but we only had two days so couldn't get to all of them. Here's a few places we went to that you definitely need to add to your list!

The Butter Milk Ranch: Perfect spot for breakfast. It's in 12south so you can shop right after!

Five Daughter's Bakery: Donuts are INSANELY good!

Sixty Vines: Didn't catch a pic of this place but it is a must if you want froze and good pasta. The vibes there are awesome and it wasn't crazy expensive. You can book a reservation too!

Frothy Monkey: Great for a coffee on the go or breakfast

Honkey Tonk Central: While we were out we got the nachos here and they were pretty amazing. You can get great bar food there too!

Nightlife + Going Out:

Casa Rosa: We absolutely loved this place. We started our night here on Friday and went straight to the rooftop. The band played pop music and they had really good margs :)

FGL House: This place had club vibes and was great for dancing! We stayed here for most of our night on Friday because it was so much fun. If you don't love country music and just want to have a good time, this one is a good one!

Jason Aldean's: Great chill place during the day. We went to the rooftop for drinks and food in the middle of the day. Only bad thing was the manager wouldn't let me pump there which was ridiculous so maybe don't go here lol.

What to plan for the bride: We had two surprises for the bride. On Friday we couldn't get into our airbnb until 3pm so we opted for something a little lowkey. We got blowouts at The Dry House and it was great! It was a cute little spot and we got the whole place to ourselves. They served us champagne and we got to hang, drink and get our hair done. The blowouts were $55. The location we went to was in Assembly Hall which is a fairly newer spot in downtown with tons of restaurants and food!

On Saturday our surprise was a two hour tractor ride. This was the highlight of our trip! We had a private tractor that drove us around for two hours and played whatever music we wanted. The company that we used was called Big Green Tractor but there are tons of party bus companies you can look into!

We brought on own alcohol on the tractor and since it started at 11am, we made mimosas in these cute little personalized pouches.

They also stop and take some group photos for you!

...and of course we had to spot at the most instagrammable spot, White Limozeen. This place was so dreamy and the drinks were fab. Obviously, very expensive so we ended up only having a drink there and went onto the next place but if you want fancy drinks, champagne jello shots and cute pics you need to check it out!

It was a whirlwind of a trip because we never stopped but 48 hours was the perfect amount of time! Nashville is definitely one of my favorite places for a bachelorette party and I will be back!

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