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So happy we can finally share the news that Baby Carini is due February 20, 2020! It feels like I have been pregnant FOREVER because we have known since I was just under 5 weeks and we are so excited to be able to share the exciting news! Z&M are just as excited if you cannot tell :)

I am going to take you through weeks 5 through 12. What I learned, how I felt, what I changed and everything in between. We are so overwhelmed with love and happiness and already have so much love for this little bean.

Week 5:

It was June 19th when I was 5 days late. I have always been so good about keeping track of my cycle and was always pretty regular so when I was 5 days late that was a huge sign. I was also having slight cramping with no signs of my period so I of course googled it and it said that you could very well be expecting! So I called Joe, told him I was going to get a pregnancy test and we took it that night. I bought 4 of them and took two after work and saved two for the morning because they say the tests are more accurate in the morning.

All of them came back positive! So what now?! We had our best friends wedding that weekend and it was going to be tough to hide, but we powered through it. As soon as I had all 4 positive tests I called the doctor and they said, "Great! We will see you around 8-9 weeks. Does July 15th work?" I was shocked. How could I go almost a whole month not having a confirmation by the doctor? She assured me that after taking 4 tests that I was definitely pregnant and to just relax and enjoy the time until my appointment.


The only symptoms I had a week 5 were a missed period, cramping without getting my period and a little back pain.

Baby Size: Poppy Seed

Week 6:

The first trimester fun begins. This was when the nausea hit me hard. Luckily, I never got to the point of vomiting, but week 6 started with severe nausea. I would wake up and feel hung over and didn't want to get up. But no one knew so I had to go on about my day as I normally would and try not to look so sick.

After doing tons of research I immediately started taking a Prenatal. Here are the three vitamins I started taking in the morning:

  • Prenatal Vitamin - vital for the baby. You need to make sure you are giving the baby all of the right nutrients to grow

  • 400mg of Folic Acid - I actually start taking this as soon as I got off of the pill. They say Folic Acid is so important for the baby's development in the first trimester

  • Vitamin C - to help support my immune system and to help me from not getting sick


Nausea and lots of it. When I wake up I feel hungover. It stopped around 5pm. I also was very hungry too and needed to keep my stomach full in order to get myself through the day. If I let my stomach get empty I start to get lightheaded. I also started getting really tired at 6 weeks.

Baby Size: Sweet Pea

Week 7:

At this point we still did not tell anyone. I was going away with my family to Florida (and yes, I called the doctor to make sure I was ok to travel) but Joe was not coming with me. Since this is our first pregnancy, we still did not want to tell the whole family without having confirmation from a doctor. We did decide to tell my sister, Veronica so she could help me hide it while on vacation and we totally succeeded! When we would go out to dinner I would order a normal cocktail and when the waitress left, one of us would follow her and ask to make it a mocktail. A little stressful but it worked! Also, mocktail's are the bomb and I plan to order them throughout my whole pregnancy lol.

Pregnancy was still so new to me. I was doing tons of research every day and googling EVERYTHING that I didn't have an answer for. I found this super cute Podcast called the Pregnancy Confidential that takes you through each week in 20 minutes. I find it really help to listen too!


Same as week 6 just a little worse.

Baby Size: Blueberry

Week 8:

Ok, finally creeping up to the doctors app! Joe and I were so nervous. We still did not tell anyone other than Veronica and all we wanted was confirmation from the doctor that the baby was healthy and well. On July 15th we woke up, drove to the doctors only to realize we went to the wrong office. Totally my fault (baby brain?!) but we called the other office and they were still able to take us so it was just a little hiccup.

The doctors app. went great. We were there for about an hour and a half talking through everything with the doctor. They ask you a series of questions about your health and then you go get the ultra sound. Here is a picture of our little bean at 9 weeks. Just hanging out in there. We couldn't believe that a little life was growing and had a heartbeat!


Still the same. Nausea, hungry, tired & lack of energy. It was getting hard to push myself through workouts.

Baby Size: Raspberry

Week 9:

Right after we got the ok from the doctor we told our immediate families and they were so happy to hear the news! My family had NO idea! Joe's sister said she knew I was pregnant before I even knew lol. At week 9 I still wasn't showing or anything so Joe and I talked it through and decided that we would tell the rest of our family & close friends around week 10-11. We would not make an official announcement until our week 12 check up.

Working Out: So if you are like me, I have been working out for about 10 years solid. My normal weekly routine is 5 days a week for 45 minutes. It was really hard to keep up with that because of my pregnancy symptoms and that is ok! When you are pregnant you need to listen to your body and relax if you need to. I lowered my weights and have been working out 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes and am really proud of myself. I am going to try and work back up to my normal routine when my body tells me too.

Symptoms: Same old same. Basically feel like a hungover college kid that wants pizza all of the time. Oh, and my boobs have double in size!!

Baby Size: Cherry

Week 10-11:

Weeks 10 &11 felt like an eternity. Actually, I feel like I have been pregnant forever! It's hard when you have to keep it a secret and cannot share with everyone but I do believe it was the best decision for Joe and I. Everyone handles pregnancy differently, we just felt more comfortable waiting.

I should have mentioned this before, but the two apps I have on my phone to track the baby are The Bump and Baby Center. I personally like The Bump better because it give you more information and I like the layout. Plus, it give you a fun fact every day like, "On this day, your baby is the size of a Swedish Fish" --- Like how cute?!

Symptoms: COPY AND PASTE. LOL Same symptoms and no signs of getting better. Everyone says the second trimester it goes away and I really hope so!

Baby Size: Week 10 - Strawberry Week 11 - Lime

Week 12:

YAY! Finally at the end of the first trimester and we can finally announce the great news! I cannot wait to talk to other mommies and soak in as much information as I can. Little Bean (that's what we call him/her until we know the sex) consumes my whole day and I love it! All I do if think about this little amazing miracle and the next 6 months of our journey. Joe is so excited to be a Dad and had been amazing throughout the last three months. I plan on taking you guys with me throughout the whole pregnancy and if you have any questions or recommendations please let me know!

Symptoms: Nausea kind of shifted and now I feel worse at night.

Baby Size: Plum

Here is little bean at our last checkup. Healthy, two arms, two legs :)

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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