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Top 5 Registry Must Haves + Our Favorite Picks!

Mothers Day Brunch

Though Joe and I have lived together for almost two years now, our kitchen was full of mismatched “hammy downs.” While I loved our rainbow striped mugs and 4 knifes that could cut, it was time for an upgrade. I am embarrassed to say that we didn’t even have a full matching dinnerware set for a party of 1! We of course will be keeping some of our old pieces, but were so excited to set up our registry and refresh our kitchen!

Crate & Barrel was our first stop and where most of our registry was from. I wanted a mix of crisp white and marble for a timeless look, with a few copper elements because I am LOVING the copper trend! Here are some of my absolute favs that we picked out, along with 5 must have for any bridal registry!

Tip: If you are a bride and feeling overwhelmed, don't sweat it! Registries are a piece of cake and if you like shopping, they are so much fun! Take your time, and even if you don't pick everything out in the store, you can add things to you registry whenever you want via app.

Our Favorite Picks:

French Kitchen Marble 2-Tier Server

This piece was pretty inexpensive and so beautiful! We were lacking in the “entertaining” department and I wanted something that could display food in a beautiful way. Functional and attractive! I plan on using it to serve apps or for dessert with little pastries and cookies.

Large 21oz Working Glass with Lid

The second Joe saw these in the store he said, “These look like retro Coca-cola glasses” and wanted to add them to our registry. I wasn't thrilled with them, but figured I would let him because I was picking out 95% of the things on our registry. When we received them as a gift I fell in love! These glasses are so durable and come with lids so you can store things like nuts and fruits, or even make a smoothie on the go! The set of 12 was only $38.95 which is a STEAL!! We use these every single day!

J.K. Adams Grey Ceiling Pot Rack

This was one of those pieces that we probably didn’t need, but loved it so much, we couldn’t resist. I will post pictures as soon as we get it up in our kitchen!

5 Must Have’s for any Registry:

OXO 10 Piece Container Set

Can you say, organization goals?? Tupperware, containers, mason jars. You name it, I WANT it. I love this container set so much because it has a size for every need and not to mention, they are stack-able! I also love how they are pretty enough to leave on your counter top. This was a "no-brainer" for me because I love to organize the most random things in my kitchen.

Tour Wine Glasses

Joe and I are red wine drinkers (Chianti is our favorite 😊) but wanted to get a full suite of white and red glasses when we are entertaining. Even if you are not a wine drinker, having matching glasses in your home will make all the difference at your next dinner party, and these Tour style glasses are gorgeous!

Large White Serving Bowl

This porcelain serving bowl matches our dinnerware collection but can really fit in any home. It's the perfect bowl for main dishes like spaghetti and meatballs or a meatloaf. I love how it is an oval shape, rather than a circle. Joe and I usually keep everything in the pan and put it on our plates (less dishes to clean lol) but I will definitely be using this now instead!

Set of 6 Copper Handled Utensils

This set has all the cooking utensils you need. You can store these in a drawer, or display them in a container on your kitchen counter. With the trendy copper handle, I want people to see these babies!

Brooks Grey Wood Salad Bowl

There is nothing better than serving a beautiful salad in a wooden bowl. My mom has always had one and I knew I wanted one for my home! Make sure you also grab a pair of serving tongs to go with it. If you are not a salad person, you can also use it to serve warm bread!

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