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How to Take on Vegas in 5 Days

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

It's finally here! I have rounded up everything Joe and I did on our 5 day vacation in Vegas for you! We have been wanted to go to Vegas together for so many years and finally bit the bullet and booked it this March! Now some of you may be thinking, "Did you guys just party all night long?" Absolutely not! I mean don't get me wrong, we had so much fun and did party, but there is so much more to do in Vegas than you think!

Let's start off with the weather. March was perfect for Joe and just a tad too chilly for me. It was 70 degrees during the day and about 60 at night. All of the pools open March 1st but it was not hot enough to soak up the sun by the pool. I would say April-May is probably the best time for weather because once you get into June, is it HOT!

We took a late flight in from PHL and landed at about 1AM. We stayed at the Bellagio Hotel and let me tell you, this place was a dream! It is an absolutely beautiful hotel right in the heart of the strip. Perfect location and so many things to do inside the hotel.. you could honestly just stay there the whole time! We got checked in and went to bed to get some rest for our first day!

To make things as easy as possible for yah, here is a list of the places we ate and HIGHLY recommend!

Hint: I put a star on the ones that are more affordable if you are on a budget. Vegas can get a little pricey :)

1. *Hexx Kitchen - great for brunch and bottomless mimosas!

2. Eiffel Tower Restaurant - great breakfast (a little pricey) but amazing view

3. *Giada's at the Cromwell - amazing Italian restaurant. The pasta is made fresh there and they give you a ton of bread! You will leave will full bellies :)

4. Tao - Awesome restaurant and if you eat there you get into the club FO FREE! Joe and I checked it out one night and it wad pretty cool. He got a TON of sushi and I got the 7 greens fried rice which was amazing. Drinks are incredible too!

5. *Makers and Finders - cute breakfast spot outside of the strip. Very affordable and great if you rent a car! Only 10 minutes away from the strip.

6. CATCH at Aria - one of our favorites. We went there when we were in West Hollywood and it is now one of our favorite restaurants. If you go, you NEED to get a lush lemonade drink. They do small plate so you can order a bunch and try a lot of things on the menu! It is like a botanical garden there. Seriously so beautiful!

7. *Lobster Joint at Planet Hollywood - I don't love seafood, but we has one of the best meals at this little lobster place in Planet Hollywood. Joe got a lobster roll and i got a salad for cheap. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat I would head into Planet Hollywood or NY NY because they have a ton of places to eat!

8. *Fat Tuesdays - ok so there are like 8 Fat Tuesdays on the strip so you need to buy a refillable cup and get your self at least once every day :) They are so delicious and refreshing!

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Giada's at the Cromwell


If you have never been on the strip it is pretty amazing. There is so much to do and see but if you are the type that hates a crowd and gets bored walking around then it is not for you. Joe and I love to explore and appreciate the city were are in so this was right up our alley! At the end of each day we would look at our steps and ended up doing 13 miles one day!

Here are some fun things to do while on the strip:

High Roller - this is the big Ferris Wheel with a bar inside (SAY WHAT?!). Yes, the high roller takes you around for 30 minutes and has a bar tender inside that serves you drinks. You get the entire view of the strip and it's not too expensive ($40/person).

The Venetian - This is one of the coolest places ever! It is an Italian inspired hotel that has gondola rides that go inside of the hotel Not to mention, there are so many shops and food places inside! Joe and I spent hours in this place one day just walking around.

Cirque Du Soleil - OK so I am a show dork. I was in all of the musicals in high school and love me some Wicked so I knew I wanted to see a show! Joe wasn't too thrilled for entertained the idea and we went to our first Cirque Du Soleil show called "O." They have a ton of shows all around but this was looked super cool because there was water involved. Overall, it was a really incredible show and totally worth the $$$! If you aren't into that sort of thing there are tons of different shows that you can see.


The Las Vegas Sign - Super cheesy, but you have to do it! It is about 15 minute off of the strip so you would have to uber there. There is a person there that mans the line and will take your picture for you too! It was a fun little memory :)

NASCAR RACE - Joe and I (as you already know) are NASCAR fans so we saw a race when we were there at LAS Vegas Motor Speedway. Such a cool experience and some incredible views! The track is about 30 minutes outside of the strip but you can get a package that comes with a bus and all as well! If you're not into that though, no worries! There is still plenty to do.

Dune Buggies - Joe looked into dune buggies even before we booked our trip and I was a bit skeptical at first, but really want to experience it with him. We searched around and found a company called Sun Buggy and booked an hour ride out in the desert. A bit scary, but it was seriously awesome! We did a two person car because I didn't want to drive but an instructor was with you the whole time so you didn't get lost because you are legit in the middle of the desert with nothing but sand.

Other than the above, we spent time together just walking around exploring. We did a little bit of gambling but not much. Honestly, we could have probably spent other two days there! Vegas, we will be back for yah I'm sure!!

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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