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What's In My Hospital Bag

So here is a little sneak peak of the reading corner in the nursery but more importantly, my post for what is in my hospital bag! I am currently 36 wks and 3 days preggo so my bag is packed and by the front door all ready to go!

I read through so many blogs and posts over the past few months and the biggest takeaway is NOT TO OVER PACK. The hospital (so I have heard) will give you so many things while you are there and to take home with you so less is more. I stuck to basic essentials for myself, Joe and the baby.

First things first, here is the bag I will be taking to the hospital with me. It's super functional, has so much room and it is under $100! I needed a new weekend bag any way and thought this was perfect.

Next I wanted to link as much as I could in this pic! The blanket was a gift and the throw pillow is from Home Goods but everything else in linked for you guys! We are obsessed with our glider!

I decided to break down what's in my bag in two ways. Everything is linked below!

For Mom & Dad:

1. Comfortable Clothes - I packed a sweat shirt, sweat pants and a pajama dress for while I am in the hospital

2. Going home outfit - I went with the very basic, leggings and oversized sweater since it will be cold!

3. Toiletry Bag - Toothbrush, toothpaste, some makeup, a brush, face wash, moisturizer, dry shampoo etc. Anything that you will need if you want to freshen up.

4. Fuzzy Slippers!

5. Snacks! - protein bars, fruit snacks and a few other things we like!

6. Our professional camera to take pictures while we are there

7. Nursing Bra

8. Nursing Pads (I heard they give them to you but I packed a few just in case)

9. Phone Charger

For Baby:

1. Two Outfits while in the hospital

2. Going home outfit

2. A few swaddles

3. Photo props/accessories

4. Stuffed Animal

5. Baby Book with handprint and footprint section

6. Installed Car Seat!

7. Blanket for the car ride home - you are not supposed to have the baby is bulky clothes in a car seat so if it is cold, make sure you have a blanket to cover up the baby after he/she is safely in the car seat

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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