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Tips On Being (less) Stressed

Hi there!

Reality is that we as humans get stressed. Some, like me, get stressed and anxious much easier than others, but life is about balance and I am enjoying the journey. Here are a few tips that I use daily to help with my stress levels. These few things really put me at ease when my mind is running wild and I can't think straight.

1. Talk it through with yourself: I don't know if it is embarrassing or not, but I talk to myself ALL THE TIME! I usually do this in the car on my way to work or whenever I am driving by myself. It really soothes me to talk through my day out loud. If you think I'm crazy, give it a try! It's always great to talk through things with close friends or family but sometimes, all you need is a little time with yourself to collect your scattered thoughts and feelings.

2. Set goals for yourself, no matter how small: No matter how big or small the task is, I always set goals for myself the night before. It can be as simple as going grocery shopping and hitting up the gym! I often do this and feel so accomplished at the end of my day. If my goal is to clean my bathrooms, give the dogs baths and organize my closet, I will set those goals the night before which will give me the motivation to get it done. Plus, I feel so satisfied when the day is done knowing I hit my goals! In short, setting those goals and having small wins makes me feel happy and less stressed!

3. Don't sweat it if you have an "off" day: Truth is, we all have our off days where we feel like doing absolutely nothing. My advice, EMBRACE IT! If you are someone who is always putting in 100%, give yourself a day to chill! I promise it's OK and will do your body good. Most likely, you will be even more motivated the next day to work harder!

Hope you enjoyed this mini-blog! Now go have yourself a awesome day :)

xoxo Ange

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