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Targeting Your Worst Enemy; Dark Circles

Ever wake up feeling like you have bricks under your eyes?! Or maybe you just had a rough night before hand and need a little help. So many of us suffer from bags and dark circles under our eyes and sometimes concealer just is not enough!
I found these oxygen eye masks from VII code and they are great! They target dark circles and puffiness and have a cooling sensation (not over powering) when you have them on. Some of the main ingredients are grapeseed oil (firms), seaweed (hydration) and white tea (anti-aging).
I suffer from dark circles and I found these super helpful! Not like your typical sheet masks that are worn for 10-15 minutes, these are worn for an 8 hour period, preferably when you sleep! It has a gel-like texture that is soothing and cooling when applying to your face and the best part is, it attached to your face and does not slip off!
The eye masks feel so soothing and cooling when you have them on, and do not bother you at all at night! It is also so helpful to be able to wear these while you sleep, because lord knows we are all so busy and don't have the time we need to take care of our skin!
Overall, I would 100% recommend trying out this product! I have very sensitive skin, and this did not cause any irritation at all!
Here are a few helpful tips when using the eye masks:
1) Each box contains 6 pairs you can use 3 treatments per week, so one box will last you 2 weeks.
2) For best results, use the mask at night when you sleep or use for 6- 8 hours. (I would normally have a problem keeping something on my face at night but these feel so soothing on!)
3) If you don't feel comfortable sleeping with the eye mask, you can wear it 2-4 hours no problem! You can use these 2-3 per week! You also want to make sure you have a clean face when using these as well.
Hope you enjoyed! xoxo On To The Next Trend
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