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Off The Beaten Track

Let's start off today's post with some real talk. I'm 5'2" and typically am ALWAYS wearing some kind of heel because I like to add some height. Most of the time, it's because my pants are too long or I feel like my legs look short and I end up suffering the night in uncomfortable shoes.

Off The Beaten Track (OTBT) came to me a few months ago and wanted to partner. I researched their brand and not only loved the style of shoe's they offered but also loved their story. They focus on comfortable shoes for women that are also trendy and stylish!

My first pair of OTBT shoes were a pair of wedge sandals that I seriously wear 3-4 times a week! They are called the Topsail in Brown Sugar and I love them so much!

I wanted to go for a more casual look and went with the cutest sneaks a girl could ask for! And guess what?! They are platform espadrille sneaks which means comfort and height for me! They are such a good investment because the quality is incredible.

I got the Dove Grey color but it also comes in Gold as well! All of OTBT's shoes are true to size which is a plus because I hate ordering shoes and having them not fit! So if you are in the market for your staple wedge sandals or sneaks this summer, head over to OTBT's website and get yourself a pair!

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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