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NYFW Trends & Favorites

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

No, sadly I was not at New York fashion week, but I was stalking all bloggers and fashionistas who were there and saw some trends I LOVE and some that I do not really care for. Here is my round up of what I thought of the upcoming fall '18 trends:

Plaid Blazers

These were everywhere! Every single blogger chose to wear a plaid blazer at least once during NYFW. It's chic, trendy and adds a fun pattern to your outfit. I vote YES to this trend and will be picking up one soon and styling for the fall! Here are a few of my favorite plaid blazers that won't break your bank.

Animal Print

You probably already know that I am all for animal print but it was seriously everywhere last week! Even fashion icons like Rachel Zoe were wearing animal print. It's a trend that comes and goes but I love that it is back and will be embracing it this season. I put together some super cute animal print items that I either have or plan on getting soon :)


This is a trend that I am not loving. Neon to me screams tacky and 80's but some bloggers have styled it really nicely! I juts personally don't care for it in my style. Many people are getting chunky sweaters or shirts in neon yellow, pink and orange this season. My opinion may change over time but for now, my note is NO.

Now don't worry if you don't have the $$ to spend on some new clothes because there is a ton of stuff that is still in style from last season!!

1. Over the knee boots - yup, still on! So happy about this because I bought like three new pairs last year and didn't get to wear them as much as I wanted to. Will definitely be styling these a lot this fall!

2. Over-sized Sweaters - will they ever go out of style? I hope not!!

3. Leather ANYTHING - skirts, jackets, pants. Leather was everywhere in fashion week so hold onto everything you have (for at least another season) :)

Bloggers That Have Inspired Me

Lastly, since I was following all of my favorite bloggers during their tip to fashion week, I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you in my fav outfits they wore at NYFW! These girls have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and do what I love to do.




Shop the trends here!

Thanks loves!

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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