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Nursery Reveal

Baby's nursery is finally complete! Joe and I spent so much time in this room and cannot believe what it has turned into! No matter the gender, I knew I always wanted a very neutral nursery. We decided to go with tans, bright whites and little hints of safari animals throughout the room. We were back and forth on doing a wallpaper but ultimately decided not too because I thought I would get bored of it after a year or so lol.

I linked absolutely everything I could for yah! And yes, his name is on the flag! We always new that if we were blessed with a baby boy his name would be Joseph Frank. It is after Joe and his Dad so little man will be a third!

Image by @browsbytaragorgio

Image by @browsbytaragorgio

Here is a fun little before and after picture. When we moved into our new home in March, we were really lucky that they flipped the majority of the house. The hardwood was original and everything was really nice but there was definitely cosmetic updates we needed to do! In the baby's room we painted the whole room white and also re-designed the closet (Which I'll show later in this post). Crazy what a little paint can and area rug can do to brighten up the room! I wanted to get a light fixture and maybe I will down the road but what we had was simple and nice so I kept it.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of the nursery! I feel like rooms are never 100% finished and that is what makes owning a house so fun! In the future I will for sure be looking into curtains, light fixtures and anything else that may enhance the room but for now I am so happy with how it came out!

Next project is our downstairs formal living room :)

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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