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My Daily Skincare Routine

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Hello loves! I have been making a conscious effort to maintain my skincare routine daily so I thought I would share what products I use everyday and why. I have acne-prone and sensitive skin so I am SUPER careful with what products and brands I put on my face.

Morning Routine:

1. Dove Soap Bar

Is it sad that I use a simple Dove soap bar? When I am not using my prescribed face wash, the dove bar is my go-to wash. I use it every morning before I put on my make up. It's not harsh on my skin, and get's the job done!

2. Cerave AM Face Moisturizer

After washing my face, I use this moisturizer to hydrate my skin. It's lightweight and also has SPF 30!

3. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray:

In the morning, I use this to set my makeup, but this product has so many uses! You can mist this on your face after a shower or whenever you need a bit of hydration. I also spray this in my hair when it's wet! Makes it smell nice and yummy :)

Night Routine:

1. Prescribed Face wash and topical

Like I said before, I have acne-prone skin. I didn't have crazy acne but after college I started breaking out randomly and couldn't stop it with drug store brands. I went to my derm and he prescribed me a face wash and topical treatment that I use every night and it has kept my skin clear 95% of the time! If you are having trouble with acne, I highly suggest going to a professional and having them treat you.

2. Rosehip Oil

This is one of my new favorite products I use. Rosehip oil is an all natural way to moisturize your face. It helps to heal and repair your skin and diminishes the look of scars and wrinkles. After I put on my acne topical, I put a tiny amount of this on my face and also my neck. And guys, it's only $7.99 for a 4oz bottle which I have had for 4 months now!!

3. Cerave Under Eye Treatment

If I am being honest, I have not had much luck with under eye treatments. I typically go for the ones that are under the $15 price point so that could be the case, but my dark circles aren't too bad so I can live with this product. Cerave is great for sensitive skin. I have used tons of other products from there because I know it will not have me breaking out later that night!

New Products:

1. Face Masks

Before the wedding I was on a face mask kick. I would do two face masks per week and my skin felt great! Here are two face masks that I really love, and am trying to incorporate into my routine again.

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask ($24): This mask helps even out skin tone and brightens complexion. Recommended use is 2-3 per week.

Draw It All Out ($6,99): This is a skin-detoxing peel mask that helps detox pores and gently exfoliate. My face feels so clean after using this one!

Here are all of the products if you want to shop around!

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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