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Little Oat Bites - Honey Free!

Now that Joey is 11 months, we are in the world of trying all new types of food! For the most part, he is a great eater. He get's weird with some textures (gags at cottage cheese lol) but typically likes everything we put in front of him.

My goal is to provide Joey with a well-balanced diet and a variety of foods. This is how Joe and I eat. It is not perfect and we definitely cheat some days, but for the most part we are eating relatively healthy meals.

I also am a huge "snacker" and give Joey the opportunity to have a few snacks a day if he is hungry so rather than reaching for puffs every time, I made these oat bites and he absolutely loved them! The recipe was so easy and I used everything I already had in my house.

...and for all of the mom's with little ones under a year, this is HONEY FREE! So enjoy and please tag me if you create the recipe! Would love to see all the babies enjoy these :)

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