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Closet Room Reveal

The time has finally come to start doing room reveals in our new home! We are slowly getting each room ready and I am waiting until each room is just about complete before I will post all details. The first room that is ready to go is my closet room (naturally). I love this room so much and cannot wait to share all of the inspo behind it!

So here it is in all it's glory (with Z&M of course). I had a smaller room in our last home like this and I was into an ALL white look. I wanted it to be clean, simple with a touch of glam. Since then, my decor style has changed a bit so when we moved I know I wanted to add new pieces to this room to give it some life.

I wrote down a few key words that I wanted my room to be and whenever I was browsing through sites and stores, I would remember these and make sure what I was picking out was aligned with the vibe!

  • Boho

  • Bright

  • White

  • Clean

  • Airy

  • Cozy Chic

I kept all of the big furniture and my mirror as the base of the room. From there I knew I wanted a slightly boho/cozy vibe with a pop of color. I went crazy on Pinterest and was really digging the rattan furniture I was seeing! Totally on trend and the perfect accent to my all white room. It was pretty inexpensive for a chair (around $160) and I loved the fan detail! I also purchased a pleated velvet throw pillow to finish off the look.

Next was the floor. In our old home I had white carpets but we have hardwood floors throughout the house which I love. The layered rug look is something I have always loved so I paired a vintage rug with some faux fur. It is my favorite part of the room! I wanted something that would break up the room, but not be too loud and the color in this rug were perfect!

I had a small hat wall in my last room, but since my collection has grown I decided to dedicate a call to them! This is a super easy way to make sure your hats don't get bent and also decorate an entire wall! Also, I just stuck a few thumb tacks into the wall so no damage is done and I can move them around if I wanted too!

The last final touches to the room were some greens. I got a few plants to brighten up the room and give it some life. I still think I will add some along the way but love the finished product!

I linked as much as I could for you guys below and categorized it to make it easy! I plan on doing our dining room reveal next so stay tuned for that! :)




xoxo On To The Next Trend

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