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Bella Ella Boutique

As a blogger, I get the experience to work with such great brands on a daily basis. Bella Ella Boutique is all about comfortable, trendy and great quality clothing. Not to mention, they are the absolute sweetest!

I have gotten many requests to style more work-wear outfits which was why I carefully selected these pieces from their line. I chose to go for a more casual look for the office, while still remaining well polished and put together.

Let's start with these pants....

These plants are literally a dream to wear. They are not only PERFECT for work, bu they are so soft and comfy! I swear they feel like pajama pants. They also come with a cute little bow belt that I am slightly obsessed with lol. Did I mention that they were only $24.99?!

Not here is a look at the whole outfit. I paired the pants with simple, strappy heels and a long sleeve thermal (also from Bella Ella). Again, going for a more casual look but you can totally dress up these as well!

I linked everything for you here so you can shop this exact look! FYI, the thermal + plaid pants combo is under $45 :)

This is one of my new favorite spots to shop and I will definitely be browsing their website weekly :)

xoxo On To The Next Trend

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