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5 Mother's Day Gift Favorites from Benari Jewelers

I am so excited to be partnering with Benari Jewelers for Mother's Day! On top of being able to gift one of you a My Luv Jewelry bracelet, I put together my five favorites picks from their store!

I love gold, dainty jewelry as well as personalized pieces! They are great for gift giving and make the person who you are gifted too feel so special.

1. Signature Collection Necklace - This necklace is a great, personalized gift. You can write their name or a specials date inside!

2. Diamond Gold Necklace - I love this necklace for anyone who's style is simple & sophisticated. Stack this necklace with other's or wear it alone for a great statement piece.

3. Shy Creation Kate Earrings - Hoops are a staple in my style. They are timeless and beautiful gift to give the special person in your life!

4. Shy Creation Eden Earrings - Again, you cannot go wrong with a gold hoop. Beautifully made!

5. Pyrite & Moonstone Stack - Perfect for the trendy Mom :)

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing Mom's out there!

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