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How to Get Your Dream Shots


On the day of your wedding you want nothing more than to have a seamless day and the best way to do that is to PLAN AHEAD!

I was so incredibly happy with how our pictures came out and the reason is because I took the time before the wedding day to thoroughly plan out each hour. Here are a few tips on how to get your perfect "dream shots."

1. Meet with your photographers a few weeks before the big day and create a timeline of events to make sure they capture everything you want.

Here is an example. List out the places you will be going that day and the must have pictures you want them to get!

2. Show them some inspo! I created a whole Pinterest board of wedding photos I liked and it gave them a good idea of the style pictures we were going for. If you don't show them anything, they will go with their standard style. Remember, people are not mind readers and every bride has different requests!


3. Ask your family if they have any special requests. I can't believe how many times I have heard people that did not get pictures with their loved ones on the day. My mom and I went back and forth on a spreadsheet and just added photo requests. When we met with the photographers we gave them the list and they made sure they got all of the shots! Sometimes, the simple pictures mean the most. (My mom wanted to get a picture  of us kids in the room getting ready)


IF you are in need of umbrella's, here are the ones I got!

4. Have a weather Plan B: I know it is the last thing brides want to hear, but you need to have it. Weather is the one thing you cannot control and you need to be prepared if it does rain/snow! The week leading up to our wedding it said it was supposed to thunderstorm and downpour all day long. I thought to myself, "Ok, I can either sulk about or do something about it." I went on Amazon and ordered the whole bridal party matching umbrellas. I also spoke with the photographers and we selected a few places to take pictures inside or covered in case of rain.

Good news is that it ended up not raining a drop on our day, but i felt much more comfortable knowing I had a plan!

5. Be vocal about what matters to you. For Joe and I, we wanted candid & action shots from the day. Posed shots are great, but we love capturing a feeling or emotion rather than just standing there and smiling. We told the photographers and they made this their focus when taking pictures.


I hope these few tips help! Also, if you are from the area and in need of a photographer, check out Versano Photography! 

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